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Balance = Indivd

A movie showing our new brand identity

Indivd’s new logo is the company’s strongest visual carrier of the brand. It will be used in three primary colors – orange, black and off-white. The color orange stands for balance.

Individ’s new brand identity consists not only of a logo but of an entire design system with different elements. All of which contribute to creating a visual language and a coherent and clear expression.

Individ and Individ’s privacy-friendly solutions create a balance between different phenomena, such as AI and humans, data collection and integrity, e-commerce, and physical retail. Balance is an important starting point and a prerequisite for the future.

Technological harmony

Balance is a word that everyone understands and can emotionally relate to in an industry that is growing rapidly and is constantly evolving.

Andreas Hjorth, responsible for Indivd’s UX design, concludes:

– Balance is a good summary concept for what Indivd stands for. For the right balance, a balanced center of gravity is required. The key is to find a balance between what inspires and what worries. A technological harmony in a data-driven society also requires a legal balance with a razor-sharp ethical societal control over both personal integrity and data security.

One of the first places Indivd’s new brand identity is being used is in Indivd Analytics. Our new software for retailers where they can use customer- and business data to ensure that their strategies, tactics, investments, and actions are profitable. This will improve their ability to create a digitally mature culture and strengthens their employees.

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Image: Indivd Analytics

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