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Berghs helps Indivd create a new and modern brand identity

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Indivd has enlisted the help of the talented students at Berghs School of Communication to sharpen the company’s brand. Together, a completely new brand identity has been created with an emphasis on balance.

Bergh’s two-year design education includes a reality-based identity project, where the students in 2020 sharply helped two companies with their identity building. One of these was Indivd.

– The purpose is for students to be faced with real customers’ real trials and challenges. When we look for sharp projects, we try to find companies with exciting challenges, where the design can really make a difference. Individ´s activities are far away from most people’s depth of knowledge and such projects are always more fun, more interesting, and developing for the students. The challenge was the complexity of reaching both B2B and the end consumers, says Erik Leonsson, course manager at Berghs.

A strategically important choice

– The importance of identity design has during the last decade shifted from previously being about logo craftsmanship and finding a unique expression to becoming an increasingly strategic and business-critical branding process, which includes the entire company, says Erik Leonsson.

Bergh’s identity project includes close contacts with the selected companies and the work begins with the creation of a strategy before the practical work begins with a creative concept to finally end with the design phase.

Five teams with three students each were focused on Indivd.

– What was interesting about Indivd was that the teams quickly arrived at a strategic choice with two doors, either a more humane strategy that focuses on customers’ customers or a more efficiency-focused choice, which focuses on B2B, says Erik Leonsson.

Some of the teams chose the door for the customers’ customers.

– They judged that it was of great importance to gain the trust and hearts of the end customers.

– If public opinion does not accept the concept, retail will not dare to take the first steps either. It is about contributing to a change in behavior and opinion in order to make the concept of anonymized camera insights legitimate, to make people understand that the investments do not threaten their integrity and that this is done to optimize their customer experiences in the stores, says Erik Leonsson.

A modern identity

The course is compressed, where the time for the design step is very short.

– A lot of complementary work, therefore, remains to be done afterward. The most important thing is that the participating companies can see the potential, says Anders Ă–rtegren, also course manager at Berghs.

Of the five proposals presented, Indivd consulted with many external designers and choose the one that had the clearest focus on balance.

– There was an incredible amount of excitement in all the proposals, but in the end, it was still a good choice that Indivd made, where tonality and the creative feeling sit together and which supports Indivd in the work of creating a clear, communicative, and modern identity, says Anders Herbal branch and ends:

– This work will be better if the customer is responsive, listens to the arguments, and contributes with a constructive response. Indivd has probably been the best customer we have so far had the privilege of collaborating with. The project has been rewarding and developed both as teachers and our students.

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