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Best of Brands is at the forefront for privacy-friendly technology

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Victor Molen, Co-founder and CEO at Indivd

The first pilot for legal anonymous collection of customer insights will now be installed in Best of Brands’ store in Sickla Köpkvarter in Stockholm. Best of Brands has initiated a close collaboration with Indivd, which has developed the world’s first anonymization technology for image data. The stores’ existing cameras are used, which collect and immediately anonymize the images. The purpose is to create group insights for a deeper understanding of customers’ movements and behaviors.

– This investment with the help of the latest technology is a natural part of our strategy and our future plans to become an omnichannel and create a seamless transition between online and physical retail stores, says Markus Näsholm, CEO of Best of Brands, and adds :

– We do this because we want to create customer value and better shopping experience. We want the customer to be in focus and therefore want to create a more customer-driven assortment and a more adapted customer journey. It is our visitors who get to control what they want and what the store should look like. Therefore, we want to learn and understand their buying behaviors, lifestyles and needs better.

The Nordic region’s largest multi-brand store

Best of Brands sells premium brands in fashion and home design online and its store in the Sickla shopping district, which with its almost 3,000 sqm is one of the Nordic region’s largest multi-brand stores. The assortment includes a curated selection of well-known Swedish and international brands.

– We strive to become more relevant both in our communication and in our assortment. With the help of this new technology, we can access more up-to-date, factual, and accurate data, which enables us to be more responsive and fast-moving. We look forward to seeing what lessons we can learn from the new technology and how we can improve with the customer data we receive, says Markus Näsholm.

Privacy is a priority

The Swedish Data Protection Authority’s green light to use Indivd’s technology in physical stores was a prerequisite for the test pilot’s implementation.

– We would not have carried out the project if we had not been sure of being able to protect our customers’ privacy. Privacy and compliance with applicable laws and regulations are of course a prerequisite for cooperation. We want to be able to collect as much store information as possible without compromising the personal integrity of our customers. We are interested in the current population rather than individuals, says Markus Näsholm and continues:

– It is fantastically flexible that we can use our existing camera equipment, which makes implementation both easier and more resource-efficient.

An important step for the entire industry

Best of Brands is now looking forward to the new measurements and the opportunity to implement improved customer adaptations in the store.

– I do not see this only as an individual test pilot in itself, but as a partnership going forward. It will surely take some time to learn the best practices also to sharpen the technology. This will be a blueprint for us, but also for other stores. We are happy to share our experiences with others.

Markus Näsholm concludes:

– This privacy-friendly AI technology is at the forefront and that is where we want to position ourselves anyway. In this way, we can help the whole industry to take important steps forward, which is fantastic. This is an opportunity for us as a company and for our customers. It is a win-win bet for everyone.

Facts about test pilot at Best of Brands

The pilot uses the patented anonymization technology Indivd-X and the analysis platform Indivd Insights. The number of cameras that collect anonymized customer insights is 46.

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