Indivd starts a collaboration with a leading advertising researcher

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The start-up Indivd has now initiated a research collaboration with the researcher Karina T Liledal, who works as a post-doc at the Stockholm School of Economics. The research will focus on the development of digitized stores as intermediaries of experiences and marketing of goods.

Dr Karina T Liljedal is a researcher at the School of Business, Economics and Law, where she, among other things, studies the connection between physical retail and marketing together with AMF Fastigheter. Karina T Liljedal got her PhD at the School of Economics 2016 with a thesis focusing on “Communication in consumer co-creation”.

A new area for research

The collaboration with Indivd refers to a completely new research area within marketing and advertising.

– Major changes are now taking place in physical retail when the stores are becoming increasingly digitized and connected. The stores are slowly developing into alternative advertising media. A place for experience and marketing of goods for later purchases in stores or online at a time when other traditional mass communication channels, such as newspapers and TV, are having a hard time, says Karina T Liljedal.

Exciting times in physical retail

She thinks that we are living in an exciting time right now.

– Digitization has such a large upside and the fun in that is the possibility to measure so much, both online and in the stores. What happens to the physical site when it is possible to obtain corresponding insights and understanding about the visitors, which can be done online today? What happens when the boundaries between e-commerce and physical retail are blurred? This is something new that is about to be developed and we don’t really know where it’s going at the moment. The media companies will be able to work with the physical sites as promoters in a completely different way than before, she says and concludes:

– This is a research area in the advertising industry which I would like to focus more on during the autumn of 2019. The research must keep up when all this revolutionary development happens within retail. A context where Indivds new technology for obtaining anonymized customer data and customer insights is very valuable.

For more information contact:

Fredrik Hammargården, Head of Commercialization, 004673 840 65 27,

Karina T. Liljedal, PhD Center for Consumer Marketing, Center for Retailing, 0046 734 612 484,

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