“Indivd is groundbreaking”

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– I think the Indivd project is very exciting. The team around Indivd has, as far as I can understand, done a solid job of sorting out the legal conditions. It has been really interesting to see how they have taken on a challenge in a completely new area, and where they have been groundbreaking, says the chairman of the municipal board in Sundsvall Peder Björk and would like to see the development of Sundsvall as an innovation center for privacy-friendly technology.

Peder Björk, who is also chairman of the incubator Bizmaker, has followed Indivd’s journey from the beginning.

– I think the Indivd project is both interesting and exciting. The team for Indivd has worked hard to develop the solution and sort out the legal conditions. It has been really interesting to see how they have taken on the challenge in a new area and been involved in breaking new ground.

Model for other companies

Indivd’s long-term and sustainable work to ensure that the technology is legal should be a lesson for other companies, and especially start-up companies, says Peder Björk.

– You see too many examples of start-ups that have underestimated issues of law, market, and acceptance, which has since hampered them in their development. As far as I can understand, Indivd has carefully approached the market risks in a proactive way and we should all be prepared to learn something from that. Namely, I believe that there are conditions for Sundsvall to be able to take the lead in investing in privacy-friendly development and becoming a privacy-friendly region. Sundsvall has all the prerequisites to be able to build on this based on the strong IT tradition we have here in the region, says Peder Björk and continues:

– It was no coincidence that the state digitization authority DIGG was established in Sundsvall. The Government assessed that DIGG had the largest and best conditions for developing its operations in a city with several government agencies, a large banking, finance, and insurance industry, a viable industry, and with many leading companies in the IT area.

Strong innovation climate

Sundsvall also has a prominent innovation climate and a well-functioning network structure.

– Entrepreneurs can quickly get into a context here and get the right contacts with like-minded people in their industry. We are generous in opening up the networks and sharing knowledge, which is an incredibly important asset for promoting innovation. We have a good base to build on. We would now need to take the next step and create a larger and more critical mass, and in this context, I believe that an investment in privacy and alternative sustainable IT solutions would fit in.

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