Indivd is nominated to “Startup of the year” in  Sundsvall

Press image: Sundsvall Business Awards

Indivd AB is one out of three companies nominated to the “Startup of the Year” award, which is awarded at the event Sundsvall Business Awards, which takes place on September 19 at Hotel Södra Berget in Sundsvall.

A startup is an early-stage company with the potential to have rapid growth. The market is often global and the business concept is innovative – the startup changes or renews in some way.

– Startups have the ability to question established truths and shape their innovative business ideas to future customer behaviors. We want to give attention to our bravest entrepreneurs with the price “Startup of the year” – to those who stand in the front and win the biggest wins, but also to those who take the biggest risks on the road of development and success, explains Ewa Sandeheim, member- and event manager at Bizmaker. Bizmaker’s motivation for the nomination of Indivd reads:

“Indivd with their international team, with the help of proprietary AI technology, offer retail companies a unique understanding and unique insights about all visitors and customers in the physical retail stores, without storing personal information which protects their integrity. The new AI technology allows retailers to pass e-commerce. “

We are very proud of the nomination and we hope to continue with our development and successes and make Sundsvall proud, says Victor Molén, CEO of Indivd.

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