Using the latest technology to anonymize and secure privacy

Our patent-pending anonymization technology is the first and only solution that can use your cameras to re-identify all your visitors without processing biometric data or store personal data.

First True Anonymization


No biometric or personal data


Highest Reliability & Accuracy


Re-identifies all visitors


Redefines Real-World Insights


Uses Your Existing Cameras


How it works

Cameras send image data for anonymization

True anonymization of image data in real time

Production of highly accurate and reliable insights

The most detailed view of your environment

With Indivd X, we’ll give your team the most detailed view of all your visitors so that you can create the experience your visitors want.

Feel safe with the world's first true anonymization of camera data

This means that we do not process biometric data or store personal data. From the moment you connect your cameras to every time a visitor passes a camera. The image data is never stored and stripped of all the elements that could possibly identify the correct individual.

Get valuable insights that your organisation can rely on

Indivd elevates the value cameras can produce. The ability to re-identify all visitors means that Indivd needs fewer cameras to produce previously impossible insights at a higher reliability. Indivd X also increases accuracy because it does not need a continuous trajectory over the visitor’s positions.

Identify and re-identify every visitor in your environment

Most technologies that are used to understand the real-world are limited to understanding a partial amount of the visitors, or a minority. This gives inadequate information about the visitor’s experience. Indivd X re-identifies all visitors which results in an unbeatable understanding.

Understand how your visitors experience your environment

It is crucial to be able to measure and understand how visitors experience the environment in order to understand the visitor experience. Indivd X understands the order, correlations, and trends between cameras as well as movements interactions, and behaviors at specific days or times.

Segment all your visitors based on the visitors demographics

The perception of the visitor experience is dependant on who the target group is. That is why Indivd X gives you the opportunity to measure and segment all visitors based on eg. age and gender. Indivd X helps you understand the differences and how attractive the environment is for different visitors.

Understand how the environment is influencing your visitors

A physical environment consists of objects that directly affect how we experience the environment. These objects can be products, shelves, information screens, park benches, or works of art. Therefore, Indivd X helps you to understand their attractiveness and how the objects affect the visitor experience.

Learn how your visitors interact and shows interest for your environment

How an environment influences or is appreciated by visitors can largely be defined in the visitors’ interest in the objects in the environment. How they interact, shows interest for or use the objects. Or how the objects lead to conversion in a store. Insights that Indivd X gives you a complete understanding of.

Understand who your visitors really are and why they do what they do

Behaviors, understanding re-visitation and linking actions from visitors to consequences, are the foundation to understand who your visitors really are, why they do what they do, and how to better meet their needs. An in-depth knowledge that Indivd X is the first and only provider of.

Automatically protect your vulnerable data subjects

Integrity, IT-security and Information security are the most important parts of Indivd. That is why Indivd X is built according to data protection by design. One of our measures is automated exclusion protocols for vulnerable segments of the population such as employees and children. 

You’re in safe hands

We are on a mission to create a better society by building innovative privacy-friendly technologies. Technologies that create value without violating the integrity or our human rights.

Privacy Innovation

Indivd X is a patented technology based on data protection by design. Built to increase society’s integrity.

Audited By Experts

Our processing of image data and technology has been thoroughly audited by several IT- and data protection experts.

Approved By The Authorities

The Swedish Data Protection Authorities have approved to Indivd X processing of image data during a prior consultation.

Continuous Assessments

Our IT- and Information security policies clearly state routines for continuous risk assessments and penetration tests.

Start Exploring Your Opportunities

Get the most detailed view of your environment and your visitors.