Indivds AI guru Leonard won the regional final in Gävle to Sweden’s biggest innovation prize

Co-founder and CEO Victor Molén in the middle

Co-founder and CEO Victor Molén in the middle

Indivds AI guru and co-founder Leonard Johard won the regional final of SKAPA-priset for Dalarna and Gävleborg County this Tuesday. The awards was a spot in the national Final and SEK 20,000 from Almi GävleDala, Movexum and Dalarnas Science Park.

SKAPA-priset is Sweden’s largest innovation prize, where creative people are awarded each year, first in the region and then national. The purpose of SKAPA-priset is to help the company and the innovator with publicity, honor and prize money, to give a good push forward, and improve the chances of succeeding further.

Almi GävleDala, Movexum, and Dalarna Science Park work in the counties of Dalarna and Gävleborg with many innovators, entrepreneurs, and companies who want to grow, a time when innovation is a very important part. Together, they jointly select the best innovative idea each year, which is then awarded the two counties’ regional SKAPA-pris.

Award ceremony at the castle in Gävle

The award ceremony is first regional and then national. The winner of this year’s regional SKAPA-pris in Dalarna and Gävleborg County was named on Tuesday at the castle in Gävle and the award went to Leonard Johard, PhD in machine learning and one of the co-founders of Indivd. Leonard and his colleague Victor Molén were awarded by the governor of Gävleborg for Indivds applied patent for Anonymous Facial Recognition.

Their motivation was: “The solution is expected to revolutionize physical retail stores and create a unique understanding of customer behavior through its pioneering AI technology. The stores will again be able to enter the game and compete against e-commerce.”

National final and awards

This is the second time Leonard Johard has won a regional competition for SKAPA-priset. Leonard also won in Västernorrlands county in 2013 for his revolutionary AI model to forecast the price of raw materials.

The national final takes place during SKAPA-prisets Innovation Gala at the Stockholm Fair on November 14, 2019. Where the SKAPA Foundation awards two prizes – One prize of SEK 550 000 and one for young innovators of SEK 250,000.

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Leonard Johard, Lead Scientist & Head of AI. E-email:
Victor Molén, CEO Indivd. Tel: +46 70-3705160. E-mail:

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