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Indivd Insight Beta

Turn insights into value

Why spend hours trying to figure out the best strategy to improve your store, mall, or city center when you could be focusing on activities that really create business value?

It’s time for a change and we are ready to help!


Let’s not make things harder than they need to be

Creating a service, a solution, or an experience that your target groups will be interested in requires a deep understanding of your target groups. And taking small steps in the right direction. It can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be.

Indivd Insights help you gather relevant insights, take action, and ensure that you meet the needs of your target groups.

Create target groups and locations

Gather as relevant insights as possible and enable the opportunity to segment your insights, goals, and results.

Create target groups
For example “Age 20-30 with high revisitation- and conversion rate”

Classify your camera locations
Example: The entrance, POS, a specific department, or a zone.

Gather business-ready insights

Our patented technology Indivd X provides you with a unique and comprehensive understanding of all your visitors, customers, and how relevant your environment is for them.

Learn how many visits and visitors you have, how often they revisit. If they are men, women, and their age distribution. Where they stop, what they give attention to, their interactions, what they choose to purchase, everything about queuing, and much more.

✔ Physical Attributes

✔ Visitor Behaviours

✔ Queue Behaviours

✔ Shopping Behaviours

✔ Environmental insights

Add your actions

All your actions such as online marketing, TV commercials, sales, store events, promotions are affecting the visitor experience.

You can, by adding them in Indivd Insights, understand how relevant and efficient they are for your target groups, and how good the investment is in the short- and long-term.

I know with certainty what’s driving our business results

…is something you should be able to say at any point of the day, without having to struggle to get the right data first.

Follow your insights in dashboards and reports. Download your graphs and results to use in presentations or strategies.

Understand your visitor journey

Understand the relevance by learning how your visitors actually are experiencing your location. Make improvements and understand how it affects your location.

Segment to the visitor journey to your target groups, compare your planned journey to the actual journey, compare different locations, and understand the general journey for all your locations.


Evaluate your results and goals

Setting measurable goals means you can clarify your ideas, focus your efforts, use your time and resources productively, and increase your chances of achieving it.

Create goals for specific insights, your location, and target groups. Carry through actions and understand how they affect your goals.

Understand how good your results really are

Compare your results with industry standards, similar locations, cities, or your own results from last week, or year to understand if your results are good or not.

Identify trends and get feedback

Use our AI to identify trends and to get feedback on what you should focus on to improve your results, and faster reach your goals.

Continuous improvement

Gather new insights for the new state and continue improving

Better visitor experiences start here

Learn how organizations can use Indivd to improve their organization.

Business Intelligence

Get business-ready data, that is up-to-date and ready to be acted upon. Get a tool that helps you focus on higher-value activities which really makes a difference, and free yourself from the tedious data collection.


Support your instinct with data-driven insights. Get direct feedback when testing new ideas. Improve efficiency by comparing locations, sharing insights, and trends with the rest of the enterprise.


Understand the effects of promotions, online marketing, and events., and product launches. Understand the brand effects of your actions, the halo-effect, value effect of loss leaders, and much more.


Improve your daily actives and optimize your work. Improve consistency in daily operations, the short and long-term effects of your daily actions, and learn from others in your organization.

No time to lose!

Let’s have a quick chat so we can get to know your problem a little better and hopefully get you on the road to success. We’re here to talk!