Spend more time improving and less time digging.

Stop wasting time digging for details about your visitors. Indivd Insights will help your team improve the visitor experience, grow traffic, increase conversion, and become visitor-centric.

Enhanced location-mapping

Enhance the contextual understanding of your visitors, customers, and locations by classifying your cameras. At what department, zones, or areas they are installed.

Dashboards & Graphs

Explore insights as easy to use graphs, customize the data according to time, location, or segment, store your add your favorites and get recommendations.

Recurring visual reports

Make sure you never miss interesting happenings. Create easily shareable reports. Or create alerts for when important variations are happening.

Micro segmenting

Create micro-segments based on your visitors or customers, location, demography, behavior, etc. and use them to make your insights more relevant.

Goal setting

Create goals for specific locations or your organization, get alerts on the progression, and use the goals to increase the relevance of your strategies.


Become truly data-driven and follow your location based on a funnel visualizing all your visitors from a starting point to your end goal of the location.

Integrate & Correlate

Use our API’s and integrate your BI-system to expand your perspectives. Correlate your online and offline activity or with other external sources.

Download & Share data

Incorporate a data-driven culture in your organization by sharing data with your colleagues or download and use the visual graphs in your presentations.

Import data

Improve your understanding by importing other relevant data such as the weather, planned local events, your strategies, or your marketing plan.