“The pandemic is jeopardizing our democracies”

The Corona pandemic has had many consequences for our societies, including our attitudes to privacy and data protection.
- We have recently been able to see that, as a result of the pandemic, several democratic fundamental rights are now about to be curtailed in different countries, including large and previously stable democracies. “It's a completely wrong way to go", says Daniel Westman, independent legal advisor and GDPR expert.


Experts: This is the future of retail after Corona

The Corona pandemic will accelerate the necessary restructuring and digitalization of retail, but not without pain.
- The strength of the financial muscles, the brand, and business concepts, and above all, knowledge of customers will determine who will be successful. The visitors’ interests, behaviors, and purchasing patterns have become more important than ever before.

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Indivd in partnership with NVIDIA

Indivd has joined the virtual accelerator Inception by NVIDIA, the world-leading provider of visual computing. The program is designed to accelerate startups revolutionizing industries with advancements in AI and data sciences.

China is leading the way – a global threat to privacy after Corona

The world's governments are being tried in times of crisis. The democratic varnish easily crackles when our political rulers experience the loss of control. Country after country have now introduced something similar to the state of emergency and allowing privacy violations for what they claim is a good purpose. But how many of all these measures could become permanent? How will our attitudes towards privacy shift after Corona?

“There is something great about what Indivd does”

- We think that Indivd's technology is legal, based on what we have reviewed and our knowledge of the law. That is why we have given Indivd a green light. The solution is innovative and it satisfies the purpose in a privacy-friendly way. There is something great about what Invid is doing”, says the lawyer Didrik Värmon who, together with the lawyer Hanna Kjellman, have conducted the audit of Indivd's technology in the podcast Privacypodden.