Turn your store data into the right actions

Use Indivds patent-pending technology to acquire new valuable insights about all your visitors, as a perfect support in your strategies and decisions.

Turn your store data into the right actions

Use Indivds patent-pending technology to acquire new valuable insights about all your visitors, as a perfect support in your strategies and decisions.

What Indivd can do for you

Understand all your visitors.

Our patent-pending technology is unique in being able to use your existing cameras and re-identify all visitors without processing biometric data or store personal data. 

Connect insights to results

Use insights from Indivd to drive real impact by connecting your insights with your cloud applications, or business systems.

Unlock new insights

Access Indivds unique, accurate, reliable, and valuable insights. Enter the future of retail where physical retail stores have a knowledge base that is equal to e-commerce.

Make your data work for you

Analyze data and encourage collaboration with shareable reports. Use our machine learning to find new interesting trends.

Get a complete view of your stores

Indivd gathers anonymous data for all your visitors. Indivd gives you a complete view of your stores, locations in your stores and items. A deeper understanding so that you can deliver better store experiences.


All visitors entering the environment. Their movement, area of focus, interactions over time, and behaviors.



The environment itself and classification of camera placement such as entrance, point of sale, women’s department, etc.



All physical attributes such as gender and age or other items such as campaigns, digital signs, products, shelves, etc.


What makes Indivd different?


Privacy innovation

Indivd is founded on an idea of privacy-driven technology where human rights are at the core of the development, and the purpose to understand a general population without uniquely identifying a natural person. A mission that has led us to a privacy innovation we call Indivd Anonymizer.


Unique valuable insights

The unique capabilities of Indivd Anonymizer, to be able to re-identify visitors in stores and understand behaviors without processing biometric data or store personal data, gives us unique capabilities to produce accurate and reliable insights. Insights that could make a difference for retail.



Indivd Anonymizer can be hard to grasp, many innovations are, which is why we have spent thousands of hours documenting how it works, let several experts audit our solution, have strict policies for our continuous development, and have made a promise to be as transparent we can.

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Benefits across the organization


Business Dev. & Marketers

• Understand the impact of your investments

• Compare your results with industry data

• Conduct experiments and become agile


Data Analytics

• Trustworthy data, insights with 95% validity

• Work in your own data visualization tool

• Have full data granularity


Data Protection Officers

• DPIA is completed

• Considered as legal by legal experts

• Are audited by the Swedish Data Protection Authorities right now, which is estimated do be completed at the end of June 2020.

Questions & Answers

How do I use it in my stores?

Indivd gathers anonymous data from your stores and produces unique, accurate and valuable insights.

These insights give you the opportunity to evaluate and understand your achievements and missteps. The effectiveness of your locations, how well your strategies are performing, and more timely information to cope with the impact of changes.

We also give you the possibility to compare your results with industry data and correlate actual behavior with external data such as events.

Is Indivd really compliant with GDPR?

Compliance is determined by legal experts and finaly the Data Protection Authorities. We have followed the procedures of GDPR and conducted a DPIA, an assessment that claims that Indivd should be legal, which many other legal experts have audited and agees with. 

We have now sent our documentation on 1 April 2020 and expect an conclusion in June 2020.

Can I use my existing cameras?

Yes. Indivd Anonymizer is connected to the existing cameras in your stores. Our solution is estimated to be compatible with 99% of the existing cameras in the market today.

Can I trust the insights?

Yes. Our insights are technically validated to an accuracy of +95%.

How do I start using it?

Based on our performance-driven business model, we recommend that you start with pilot stores and scale from there.

How much does it cost?

Indivd has a flexible pricing model, adapted for various types of customers. Talk with our great sales team at hello@indivd.com and they will help you.

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