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Swedish Data Protection Authorities approves Indivds unique anonymization

It is finally finished. The Swedish Data Protection Authorities have just completed its prior consultation and approved the use of Indivd's unique anonymization technology Indivd X, also called anonymous facial recognition. This is fantastic news for us and for global physical retail. This means that there finally is an approved technology, which is privacy-friendly and meets the tough requirements of GDPR. It also means that physical retail can better understand customers' behaviors and improve the visitor experience, says Fredrik Hammargården, responsible for commercialization and data protection at Indivd AB.

The background to the Swedish Data Protection Authorities decision is an extensive work, which has been going on for almost two years with the aim of investigating whether Indivd's anonymization technology and may be used in stores for a unique understanding of customers and visitors based on what is called legitimate interest in the legislation (without consent).

Several test pilots are planned

In its decision, the Swedish Data Protection Authorities notes that Indivd's processing of personal data complies with the Data Protection Regulation, provided that it is done in the manner stated and planned and that it does not enable the identification of individuals. The Swedish Data Protection Authorities further emphasizes that in these contexts it is also important to provide clear and clear information to the stores' visitors about what, how, and why the acquisition of anonymized camera images takes place.

- The message was not entirely unexpected to us, but very pleasing. We will now start to intensify all the customer and partner contacts that have been initiated previously and which have been awaited the decision of the Swedish Data Protection Authorities. We will now, early in the autumn, set up several planned test pilots in stores in Stockholm, Fredrik concludes.

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