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Top 33 in Sweden

A high-profile competition for start-ups named Indivd one of Sweden's most promising tech companies.


Top 5 in the World

Innovation analysts compared 135 anonymisation start-ups worldwide and ranked Indivd in the top 5.


One of Europe's Best

Indivd is included in AI Landscape, an honor and quality seal for European AI start-up companies.

Lower cost, guaranteed

Thanks to groundbreaking research, we have developed a people counter far more cost-effective than any other people counter on the market.

Costs drop by at least 59%

Med Indivd minskar dina kostnader med minst 5 400 kr per besöksräknare per år. Ofta sparar du mycket mer än så.

Alla andra

9229 kr/år


3770 kr/år

At least 59% lower cost per yr

With Indivd, you lower your costs by at least 540 EUR per year. And, you are likely to save even more than that.

Tack vare banbrytande forskning har vi skapat en besöksräknare som är långt mycket mer kostnadseffektiv än alla andra besöksräknare.

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Improves your understanding


More reliable insights

Our leading research has taken people counting to a new level, to provide you with reliable data.

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More valuable insights

Our superior performance gives you insights that were previously unattainable.

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GDPR ready. For Real

Indivd is the only people counter approved by a European data protection authority.

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Easy to install

Our people counter is the installer's favourite, and your existing hardware is often sufficient.

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Turning good sites into great experiences

Retail Analytics help you create a rich customer experience based on insights from your people counters.

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The right strategies based on reliable insights

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Without Indivd

You never know for sure if your changes have solved a problem.

You lack reliable insights and can't create any actual customer value.

Creating the customer value is like driving with your eyes closed.

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With indivd

Your improvements deliver the results you expect.

Modify marketing and sales based on deep and broad insights.

Precisely pinpoint improvement opportunities each time.

Creates value for the entire ecosystem

Group 744

Stores and Retail Chains

Create data driven value for all your departments. For daily operations as well as for your marketing, sales, store design and your suppliers.

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Group 747


Understand all people flows, through aisles and in and out of the shops. Optimise your sales, marketing and sharpen your value proposition.

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Group 748


Compare yout results with others in your commercial space, city centre or retain chain. Improve results, be inspired and create more value.

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Built with high privacy protection

Our entire business is designed to improve the experience for all shop visitors and retailers. That's why we have developed a new type of people counter, where data privacy is part of every step in our research and development.

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Experience the difference the market's most reliable people counter brings.

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