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Get started quickly and safely with our leading patented-pending technology that enables you to give your visitors the experience they want.

Why Indivd?

Organizations use Indivd to get the facts, make informed decisions based on real data rather than on assumptions that will be biased, and to enhance the opportunities in their store, mall or city center.

Smooth Onboarding

We are reinventing the technical, business- and integration side of camera analytics. Giving you more meaningful data at a higher accuracy about all visitors, compared to other technologies, supports 99% of all cameras and connects a location quickly.


Indivd is based on Data Protection by Design and is approved by the Swedish Data Protection Authority during a Prior Consultation according to GDPR Art 36. This provides a safe environment for visitors, customers, and employees.

Unprecedented Data Reliability

The huge knowledge gap, due to the lack of solutions to gather reliable data and insights, leads to an increased risk. Indivd solves the problem and needs fewer cameras to produce previously impossible insights with unprecedented reliability.

How we help you create great experiences

Indivd enables better visitor experiences by combining your image data, our world-leading technology, privacy, and reliable insights for all visitors.

Indivd X

Our patent-pending anonymization technology that uses your image data to re-identify all visitors without processing biometric data or store personal data.

Essential features

First True Anonymization
Connects To Existing Cameras

Does Not Process Biometric Data
Does Not Store Personal Data


The Visitor Experience Improvement Software where you get the full picture of all your visitors and customers, at all your locations delivered as reliable insights.

Essential features

Detailed Visitor Journey
Deep Behavioral Data
Action & Interaction Data

Micro Segmenting All Your Visitors



Improve your strategies and decisions by learning how your industry peers achieve high levels of performance.

Essential features

☑ Compare Insights 
Compare Locations 

Compare To Industry Data
Compare To Similar Organizations



Make more informed decisions and improve budgets, investments, and plans according to the direction of future trends.

Essential features

Insights Forecasting

Goal Forecasting
AI-driven Recommendations 


Data-Driven Services

Save time, produce more accurate strategies, and progress to your goals faster with our certified senior partners.

Essential features

Strategic Assessments
Data-driven Roadmaps 
Custom Algorithms and Reports
 Measurement and Analytics


What’s new at Indivd

The World’s First True Anonymization

This means that we do not process biometric data or store personal data. From the moment you connect your cameras to every time a visitor passes a camera. The image data is never stored and stripped of all the elements that could identify a unique individual. In other words, you, your visitors, and your organization are in safe hands.

Privacy Innovation

Indivd’s patent-pending technology is based on data protection by design. Built to increase society’s integrity.

Trusted By Leading Experts

Our processing of image data and technology has been thoroughly audited by several IT- and data protection experts.

Approved By The Authority

The Swedish Data Protection Authority has approved Indivd’s processing of images during a prior consultation.

Indivd vs. The Industry

While there are many solutions out there, there are major differences between Indivd X and other technologies.


Main differences

Wifi Analytics

Camera Analytics

Mobile Analytics


Indivd X

Does not require individual consent
Understands all visitors
Can re-identify all visitors



Essential capabilities

Detailed visitor journey
Action & interaction data
Behavioral data
Customer specific data
Customer segmentation
Vulnerable data subjects protection
Reliable insights
Demographic data
Location data
Historical data
Benchmark data
Forecast data


Start Improving With Indivd

With powerful tools to help you more data-driven and an AI team excited to help you get the best possible insights, becoming visitor-centric has never been easier.