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Connects to existing cameras

GDPR Ready

Unlock new insights

The new balance between physical retail and e-commerce

Indivd’s patented
technology is the solution

Indivd is the only solution that uses your existing cameras to reidentify all your visitors without violating privacy. Tracking the environment and your visitors’ movements, interactions, behaviors, needs, and more.

  • Indivd 88% 88%
  • Camera Analytics 26% 26%
  • Beacon 24% 24%
  • WIFI Analytics 20% 20%
  • Mobile Analytics 15% 15%

Total need of insights



Our mission is privacy-friendly technologies

Indivd was founded on the idea of privacy-friendly technologies. We help organizations be more responsive, fast-moving, and efficient without violating our society’s democratic need for personal integrity.

Unlock new insights

Access our patent-pending AI capabilities to help surface new insights and use insights from your analytics to drive real impact.