This is Indivd

We started in 2017 as a humanitarian, self-funded research project with the aim of helping retailers grow their digital maturity and become more sustainable. After developing and patenting the most reliable, smart, secure, and efficient people counter, we are now ready for the next level.

We are proud to be collaborating with leading retailers and experts worldwide.


Customer-centric physical retail

The customer-centric revolution in physical commerce is about how the entire ecosystem needs to collaborate to become more data-driven, grow digital maturity and become more sustainable.

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More Data Driven Decisions

More useful insights and data-driven decisions allow for better profitability and increased digital maturity in the ecosystem.

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Increased Digital Maturity

Improved digital maturity leads to higher profitability and efficiency which allows for increased investments in sustainability.

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Increased Sustainability

Increased digital maturity is the foundation for increased sustainability, which is vital to society and the world we live in.

Corporate values that we stand by

We are a hybrid business offering full flexibility. Employees can choose to work in an office environment, remotely or a mix of the two.

The values listed below are the specific behaviours we care about the most. The more these values are aligned with yours, the higher is the chance that you will like it here at Indivd.



As a hybrid company, it's important to be transparent, tolerant, straightforward, open and clear. Friendliness, openness, honesty, curiosity and tolerance characterise how we communicate with each other.


We are all dependent on each other's performance and we have tight interactions. That's why it is important that we quickly take in new knowledge, inspire others, are creative, results-oriented, confident, and self-critical.


We have world-class expertise from different cultures, which makes our daily work exciting. That's why we are collaborative, culturally open-minded, generous, active and without boundaries in our view of global work.

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Our Sustainability Commitments

Our operation is designed to improve the lives of customers and the retail industry's ecosystem.

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Zero Tolerance

Zero tolerance to privacy violations is how we approach everything we do. This applies to our policies, our development, and the fact that valuable insights do not need to be based on personal data.

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Sustainable Retail

We strive to be a climate-neutral company and work proactively by creating tools that streamline value chains and increase profitability in sustainable investments.

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Ethical Technology

We endeavour to be a leader within in how we design, provide training, and quality assurance of our technology, including proactive lobbying work for increased ethics in Artifical Intelligence.

Meet some of our team members

Apart from awesome and dedicated employees, we also have world-class expertise in artificial intelligence, machine learning, integrity. and retail operations.




Chief Executive Officer

Victor is a true entrepreneur who has extensive experience from start-ups, where he has spent 15 years. He is the founder of various startup/growth companies, and his focus is always on problem solving through new approaches. For the past 10 years, he has primarily worked with digitisation of brick-and-mortar shops.

Self-taught serial entrepreneur.

Fredrik Amréus Hammargården


Amréus Hammargården

Chief Product Owner

Deeply involved in retail, digitalisation and GDPR. Fredrik spent the last 15 years building innovations. In his spare time, he likes to read, design constructions and concepts and solve problems. The only issue he's doubtful of solving is how to spend less time on his so called "work".

Serial entrepreneur, B Sc in Business Administration at MIUN & Digitalisation at Cambridge University




Head of RnD

With a solid background in AI, Leo is both an AI researcher, AI algorithm designer and inventor. Former AGI researcher at PERCRO labs and a brain simulation developer at CERN openlab. Leonard is also a co-founder of several successful AI start-ups and he has written dozens of patents.

M.Sc. in Technical Physics at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden, and a PhD in Perceptual Robotics at Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna.




Lead AI Engineer

Software engineer with 10 years' experience specialising in machine learning, deep learning, and technology. Ruslan builds high-performance CPU/GPU-intensive applications, backend services, pipelines, researches new technology and ensures that everything runs seamlessly, while having a focus on work-life balance.

M.Sc. in Computer Science at Innopolis University.




Senior AI Advisor

Named "AI Professional of the Year", Errol most recently comes from H&M, where he held the position of Head of AI Foundation and built up their entire international AI venture and development unit. Errol has previous experience from Nordea and Vodafone and has also been an AI advisor for more than ten years.

Bachelor of Finance, Technical Engineer and M.Sc. in Decision, Risk and Policy Analysis.



Barnekow Söderberg

Senior Retail Advisor

Board member at AMF fastigheter and Adlibris, former Global Sales Director at Daniel Wellington, CEO at Filippa K, and Departments & Stores (NK retail). Amelie has set up several organisations with hundreds of employees both nationally and internationally and has deep insights in physical retail.

B.Sc. degree.




Development Manager

Magnus' long experience in development and his passion for methodology and development processes makes him ideal to drive product development. He has roamed the world for over 25 years while running projects all over the globe. Magnus love to spend his leisure time traveling explore other cultures.

Self-taught developer with an academic background in Economics and Psychology.



Ufuk Efendioğlu

Frontend developer

Software engineer with Turkish heritage specialising in front-end technologies. Ömer is passionate about start-ups, creating new and ground breaking things, and thus leveraging his background as a freelancer and entrepreneur. He loves astronomy, physics and biology and is obsessed to learn something new every day.

B.Sc. in Computer Science at Fatih Sultan Mehmet Waqf University.

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