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Indivd is on the mission of privacy-driven technology where human rights are at the core of the development. Because the commercial and political interests to use non-democratic technologies to control and monitor our lives is a threat to democratic societies.

Legislation like GDPR is an important tool to manage our rights but that’s not enough. The development and integration of non-democratic technologies are already taking place.

Facial recognition is a no-go-zone and we say no to facial recognition based on UN’s 12th article, The right to privacy. You don’t need to surveil – and in the long-run control – to better understand us humans.

We strive to prove that there are better technologies for this that help us to promote – and not counter – privacy. We achieve this by:

Privacy innovations

Creating privacy-innovations that raise the overall privacy in society

Work for better awareness

Participating in debates and work for better awareness of the big privacy issues


Supporting and funding good privacy-initiatives

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Indivd is founded by an international mix of serial entrepreneurs, developers, and leading AI Scientists.

Some of us has built one of the fastest growing SaaS companies in Sweden while others are experts in neural networks, reinforcement learning and has worked on an effort to create a full-scale simulation of the learning human brain.

Dr. Leonard Johard

Head of AI & Lead Scientist

Andreas Hjorth

Creative Director

Carl Johard

Head of PR & Board

Victor Molén

CEO & Head of Investor Relations
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Chief Commercial Officer
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