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We care. We dare. We share.

Our mission

Societies are becoming ever more reliant to gather and use more data to increase efficiency and improve sustainability. This is a fantastic opportunity, which at the same time increases the risks by challenging our human rights.

But we see that there is a better way. A way that both meets the needs and ensures integrity. We believe societies can grow, improve, become more efficient, and sustainable — and that it can do so without violating our integrity.

That is why we so stubbornly focus on creating innovative technologies, new services, participating in the debates, and actively trying to influence policies that improve society.

We Care

We work for better awareness of the big privacy issues by participating in the debate.

We Dare

We create new services and innovations that raise the overall privacy in society.

We Share

We actively influence policies where it matters and support privacy-initiatives.

Our Story

The serial entrepreneurs Fredrik Hammargården, Victor Molén, Andreas Hjort, Carl Johard, and the AI guru Leonard Johard met coincidentally in 2017. They started chatting about the way consumers felt for the massive gathering of their personal data, and the growing need for a change in the disconnect between privacy and the data-driven society — Trust is crucial and the consumers have lost their trust in data-driven organizations.

From this realization, a company was born: Indivd. It was founded on the idea of privacy-friendly technologies, the notion that data gathering will increase and that people care about their personal data — they want great services, experiences, and privacy.

Today, privacy-friendly technologies are considered necessary to improve efficiency and sustainability in organizations and society while at the same time securing our democracies.

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