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All that's needed to have market leading people counting method

All what's needed to have a first class people counting method

Each level gives you more insights and better opportunities to create greater customer value, build a more efficient organisation and become more profitable.

Know how many visitors you have


16 EUR

per month and entrance/area

or 11 EUR/month for 12 months (-30%)

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Number of people entering and exiting

Gain reliable insights to how many people come and go through entrances and other areas.

Conversion rate

Use your POS data alongside your customer statistics to understand what percentage of your customers that actually make purchases.

Smart Lines and Zones

Create lines and zones to measure or exclude visitors in your locations to get more cost-efficient and detailed insights into your customer journeys.

Segmentation by location

Compare, analyse, and spot national, regional and local differences between your various stores or sites.

Segmentation by date and time

Monitor all your insights by the hour, day, week, month, or year. Interpret and use the variations to your advantage.


Build a data-driven culture and increase your results by inviting all your employees, suppliers, and consultants.

Calibrate people counters

Optimise all your people counters via our platform to get more granular data collection and reliable results.

Included services


Our SLA commits to an uptime of at least 99.5%, which means maximum unavailability of 21.56 min/month.

* Indivd lowers your costs by at least SEK 5,400 per people counter and year.

The amount of visitors and their movements


39 EUR

per month and entrance/area

or 27 EUR/month for 12 month (-30%)

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Everything in Advanced

The features that are included for our Advanced People Counter are also included for our Professional People Counter.

Smart Areas

Create and use areas to measure or exclude visitors in your locations gives you the opportunity to understand the relevance of products, campaigns, or other IoT devices on your premises.

Access to Community

Learn from the experience of others in your mall or city centre and create more value together or create your own community.

Insights from Community

Compare the results, insights, and the ROI on your strategies with others in your trading place or city centre and gain a deeper understanding of how good your outcomes are.

Customer journeys for all your visitors

Optimise your customer experience by understanding how people experience your space. Through their entire visit, from when they enter, shop around and until they leave.


Target a specific area of your premises and get an understanding of how many people go there, what path they take and where you lost some of them along the way.

Hot areas

Where in your premises do you get many customers?

Cold areas

Where in your premises do you get fewer visitors?

Included services


Based on your goals, we help you link your premises, manage the installation, safeguard the quality and set up your organisation.

Best position

We carry out an initial analysis based on your needs to create the best cost-effective and reliable people counting.

Create an optimal customer experience


from 119 EUR

per month and shop/mall

or 83 EUR/month for 12 months (-30%)

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Everything in Professional

The features that are included for our Professional People Counter are also included in our Optimal People Counter.

Gender distribution

Understand how many of your visitors are men or women and use the information in customer journeys, people counting or other insights.

Visitors' ages

Understand the age of your visitors and use this information for customer journeys, people counting or other insights.

Segmentation by target group

Compare, analyse, and become aware of differences between the genders and different age groups in all your stores or sites.

Benchmark insights

Gain a deeper understanding of your results by comparing yourself to the industry. Ensure relevance by segmenting between different industries in physical retail.


Log all your strategies that affect the customer experience such as marketing, interior design, new services, or categories to understand the ROI.


Create and subscribe to reports for all your stores or malls.

Goal setting

Create national, regional or local goals to follow and receive notices of your development, how the trends are going and which activities lead to the improvements.

ROI for consultants and suppliers

Invite your suppliers and consultants to projects that affect the customer experience to see how well their products and services affect the customer experience.

ROI for marketing strategies

Integrate your marketing channels to see how marketing or specific campaigns increase or decrease visits or conversions on your premises.

ROI for sales strategies

Integrate your sales strategies to see how specific campaigns or activities affect visitor behavior in your locations.

A/B testing

Implement several strategies or changes at the same time and understand which of them leads to the highest results.


Become more efficient by integrating your ERP system, POS system, or other systems to enable holistic analysis, online-offline. Coordinate all your data, both online and offline.

Included services

Extended SLA

Extended SLA includes telephone access and a dedicated contact person.

Dedicated analyst

Get a dedicated analyst to help you create the reports or analyses you need to achieve your goals.

Dedicated retail strategist

Get a dedicated strategist who, based on previous successful strategies, helps you create the changes, routines or strategies you need to achieve your goals.


Retailers who've been with us from the start

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Questions and Answers

Buy Indivd

How do I go about buying a people counter?

Click on "Free trial" to create an Indivd account That gives you access to the platform. We are happy to provide a payment method that fits your situation and you can choose to pay by invoice, if you like.

Is a people counter included?

Our people counting is compatible with most people counters on the market, meaning the hardware you already have in your shops or sites is all you need, most of the time. At cost price, you have the option of adding our standard people counter, optimised to most spaces and needs.

How many people counters do I need?

The number of people counters per shop or mall all depends on your requirements. If you want to count the number of people passing in and out through your entrance, then you only need one. If you wish to measure a customer journey or customer experience, then you need to place people counters elsewhere in your shop/mall as well. We can help you find good spots for the proper counters via our service Optimal Positioning. The service provides you with a report outlining the best position(-s) to meet your requirements at the lowest possible cost.

How long is the term under your contracts? Is it possible to up or downgrade the subscription?

All our contracts run a month at a time and you can choose to start, stop or make changes to your contract at any time.

Try it for free

What does a free trial involve?

You get access to all features when you sign up for your Indivd trial version. If you wish to trial a specific plan, please simple contact us.

What happens at the end of the trial period?

At the end of the trial period your data and settings will remain as they are. You can then decide whether you want to move on to a paid version.

Is a people counter included during the trial period?

Yes, if you wish to use our standard people counter, which is optimised for different requirements and spaces, then we will provide one.

Other questions

How do you protect the privacy of our visitors?

Indivd is the first people counter that's been developed with Data Protection by Design, meaning our systems come with extensive privacy protection and that our research and development always is based on a risk analysis. It further means that Indivd is the first and only people counter that has been subjected to assessments and approval by a European data protection board. If you wish to learn more about our personal data protection work, please contact us at

What resources are available to ensure I get maximum value from Indivd?

All customers on a Indivd contract have access to our support, documented guidance to connect premises and adapted training as needed. To ensure you reach your goals, you have the option to access customer journey analyses, reports for optimal placement of people counters, retail strategists, data analysts and many other services we offer through our partners. These optional features incur additional fees.

Any questions?

Our support is open 24/7. Contact our global support team at We are here to help you!

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